pentablock stacked stone WELCOME TO PENTABLOCK®   we craft, inspire and energise living spaces with timeless ancient stone

Welcome to PENTABLOCK®

PENTABLOCK® is a combination of reusable with renewable technologies that are proven and approved to market regulations. PENTABLOCK® empowers users – installers & builders – with an attractive, sustainable alternative that offsets the limitations of commonly used materials and methods and gives better returns.

PENTABLOCK® sells container volumes of our Patented innovative and revolutionary construction block system to our customers all over the world. We sell direct to developers, contractors, and our licensed distributors.



Using ancient stone recycled from quarry stone waste, our PentaKits™ series of VersaBoxes™ & VersaPillars™ combine earth, fire and water to energise outdoor living spaces inspired by the elements.

PENTABLOCK® is used by leading builders, developers & landscapers

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